At Yellow Door Lets, we pride ourselves on our quality student housing, but don’t just take our word for it… this is what our previous tenants had to say.

2016/2017 Student Reviews

"The thing that stands out most when looking back over my experiences with Yellow Door Lets is how friendly and helpful they are. If we ever had a problem they were only ever a phone call or email away and the issue was resolved promptly and easily. The houses I have stayed in have been perfect student homes for me and my friends and it’s always sad to leave at the end of the tenancy. I would recommend Yellow Door Lets to anyone!"
Nicola Cook, 19 East Road. 8/29/2017
"My house with Yellow Door Lets was a great place to live. The landlords were always quick to fix any issues and were easy to get hold of so I had peace of mind that we’d never have any problems. The house felt secure and modern – at 4 Westbourne Road the giant basement living room with big TV was a particular asset. Renting with Yellow Doors was very simple from start to finish – they are always available, helpful and friendly. Thanks guys!"
Michael Mander, 4 Westbourne Road. 8/23/2017
"Thoroughly enjoyed living with yellow door let’s two years running! Any problem we had they would come straight away to fix it and people are on call at all times. 100% recommend!"
Elizabeth Noble, 66 Dallas Road. 8/24/2017
"I have nothing but positives to say about Yellow Doors as a company. I lived in their houses for 2 years and they were brilliant. Any requests we had were always responded to and solved quickly. Both houses I stayed in were very well maintained, any staff we dealt with, both the main Yellow Doors guys and their contracted employees were always polite and friendly. Would thoroughly recommend them as landlords and their houses as places to live. The large TVs are also a big plus!"
Jake Emmerson, 27 Kirkes Road. 8/22/2017
"Last year i found Yellow Door Lets to be a surprisingly helpful and trustworthy company , after hearing all the bad things landlords have done to students across the country. YDL was very accommodating, allowing me to construct something quite large in the basement without hassling me on whether i would do any damage to the house in the process. Whenever any problem, big or small, arose, it was quick to be dealt with. YDL was also very unintrusive, with no surprise house checks and a general sense of trust from the landlord."
Charlie Mpetha, 17 Kirkes Road. 8/23/2017
"I loved living with yellow door let’s due to any errors with the house would be rectified as soon as possible. When we signed the lease we got told that one bathroom would become two and we were sceptical as to whether this would be finished in time. Not only was it finished but finished to a high standard that meant my year in the flat wash much smoother running with 6 in the flat!"
Zoe Webster, Flat 2 The Mission. 8/24/2017
"It was very easy to rent with yellow door lets. When we were looking for a house they drove us from the 2 houses we were looking at which was really nice. The contract got sorted quickly and was fair. The washing machine broke a couple of times, and we smelled gas once and all these occasions they had an engineer out to us to fix the problem within 24 hours of us emailing them which was really impressive. The only complaint is that we were promised by the landlord that we would have new beds, desks and carpets, but this was not put in the contract so yellow door knew nothing about it so a week before we were due to move in nothing had been done. But as soon as I found the advert for the new furniture they got everything done really quickly so it was ready for when we moved in."
John Yates, 16 Albion Street. 8/22/2017
"I really enjoyed staying in a yellow door lets property last year. They are kept in great condition with improvements made throughout the year. The response rate for issues was fantastic with problems being either fixed or responded to often within a day or even on the same day as they were raised. I would recommend Yellow Door Lets to any student wanting to live in Lancaster."
Thomas Peck, 33 Regent Street. 8/22/2017
"I lived with Yellow Door Lets in both second and third year, after a great experience in second year. Any issues were quickly sorted and suitably dealt with, usually within a day. I would highly recommend Yellow Door Lets to all students after the friendly and helpful service we received."
Abbie Higham, 11 St Oswald Street. 8/22/2017
"On the whole, Yellow Doors was the best tenancy agreement I have ever had, if we had a problem, we would call a member of the YD team and they would be round within the next 3 days. The state of the house, when we found it was tidy and rather pleasant, they were happy to accommodate us, by moving different beds around and fixing light bulbs and what not. I liked living with Yellow Doors and look forward to living with them again in the future."
Olivia Frame, 51 St Oswald Street. 8/22/2017
"I can honestly say that living with Yellow Door Lets has been amazing! Every concern that has been discovered was corrected pretty much the next day without fail. The landlords are extremely helpful and have been so consistently throughout the year. After reading negative discoveries online about other student letting agencies, I can without a doubt say that this does not apply to Yellow Doors. I personally look forward to spending my final year with you and, if it was anything like this year, it will be fab. Keep up the excellent work!"
Elliot Jenkinson, 48 Portland Street. 8/22/2017
"I stayed in one of your houses for one year. I was very happy and satisfied with the house and especially with your service. You are a bit more expensive in comparison to the other companies but it’s definitely worth paying it because of the nice houses and the good service. Thanks for the nice time :)"
Jule Ranke, 35 Gregson Road. 11/8/2017
"I was a tenant at Yellow Doors in 2016/17. Yellow Doors were fantastic at responding and catering to our needs, e.g. Replacing furniture, repainting bedrooms."
Lucy Bevan, 53 Golgotha Road. 9/8/2017
"I have just completed my tenancy at 1 Bowerham Road. Overall, my experience with the company was very positive; the staff were approachable, helpful and any issues we had throughout the year were addressed quickly. I would recommend Yellow Door Lets to any student looking for affordable housing in Lancaster!"
Caroline McNeill, 1 Bowerham Road. 30/7/2017
"I would just like to let you know how impressed I was with you as a company and your professionalism in general. I did not encounter a single problem this year which could not be solved by yourselves quickly and conveniently, something which I feel may be a rarity with Landlords/ladies nowadays. Staff were very professional and friendly all year round. I could not recommend Yellow Door Lets enough!"
Lewis Smith, 5 Gregson Road. 28/7/2017
"Thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the past 2 years, it’s been great living with you! Absolutely cannot fault the service I’ve received from Yellow Door Lets in my 2 years living with them! They responded to every question/query/problem with an answer or resolution within a day, without fail. For example, they’ve fitted a TV port in my bedroom for me, re-tiled our bathroom in order to fit an additional shower, replaced our tumble dryer as soon as it became faulty, and refunded our TV licence money – amongst other things. The staff are always as friendly and helpful as possible – Wayne even came to the house late on a Sunday evening when we had a water leak and remedied the problem immediately. As for the rooms, they are generally spacious with large beds and all the furniture you’ll need (desk, wardrobe, drawers, curtains etc) and if you don’t like any of the furniture, they’ve been more than willing to come and remove/swap anything as required. I would fully recommend living with Yellow Door Lets!"
Dan Yeowart, 66 Dallas Road. 28/7/2017
"Renting with yellow doors for 2 years through uni is highly recommended. If you have any problems they are always free to help. When we first moved in we didn’t have the wifi and tv promised on the contract, however we rang up and we where provided with the right tv and broadband package swiftly. People come and fix any problems on the same day you notify of the problem, which is really efficient. Unless you contact yellow doors yourself, you are never bothered by them unless it is necessary. 2 years with yellow doors was a good choice and I don’t have any issues with them, they where very nice and friendly to deal with."
Jessica Matthews, 56 Dale Street. 9/8/2017
"After three years of living in houses rented from Yellow Door Lets I have nothing but positive things to say; in comparison to a year in university halls, the rent was noticeably more affordable and the quality of their accommodation was incredibly high. The company communicated well with us at every stage as Gordon talked us through the contract before signing on; we received plenty of warning and privacy regarding visits for safety checks/repairs, and towards the end of each year we were given advice regarding cleaning which resulted in our deposits being returned in full. Any issues with the houses were fully dealt with swiftly whether they were minor things such as lighting, or larger things such as boiler problems; the electricians, decorators, etc the company sent out were friendly, trustworthy, and did fantastic and thorough work. Our group shrunk following the first year, resulting in us looking for a smaller house. We viewed options through a variety of landlords, however none compared in quality or value; in contrast, our viewings with Yellow Door were arranged together for the same afternoon which suited our group perfectly, and Colin very kindly drove us to each house before taking us to the office where we signed on for two more years. Yellow Door Lets have been absolutely fantastic landlords, and a far cry from the horror stories I have heard from other students! They have a brilliant team, and I would recommend their houses 100% to any prospective tenants."
Karishma Asher, 13 Avondale Road. 28/7/2017
"I lived in 10 Dumbarton Road and thought the service you provided was excellent. Whenever something needed fixing someone was sent round immediately. Thank you for housing me during my last year of uni!"
Beth Carnell, 10 Dumbarton Road. 8/8/2017
"I would definitely recommend Yellow Door Lets to any student! The staff are well organised, fair and efficient! The houses are all of an extremely high standard – however – if we ever had any issues they were often rectified within 24 hours. In one instance they sent a maintenance team to our house just 1 hour after an issue was reported – on a sunday! Yellow Door Lets go the extra mile to provide an excellent services to their tenants!"
Alex Townend, 10 Dumbarton Road. 1/8/2017
"I thought I would write a testimonial after living with yellow doors for 2 years in 2 different houses. I’ve heard many horror stories of landlords but was lucky enough to choose YDL as my own for second year at uni, and am so glad I made this decision as YDL are generous, helpful, friendly and very fair for students. If there were ever any issues in my house, a simple email to YDL and the issue would be sorted within a few days, or even the same day if it was urgent. In addition, the company are extremely friendly and helpful even when there are issues with housemates they do their best to resolve situations to ensure our satisfaction. Unlike many landlords, they were very fair with our deposit by it only being £150 and do not try to charge ridiculous amounts for ‘damages’ that many other landlords do. I could not recommend YDL enough, having lived with them for 2 years my houses were well kept and looked after and the company go above and beyond to maintain the satisfaction of its tenants. Thanks YDL!"
Molly gay, 5 Havelock Street. 31/7/2017
"Yellow Doors have been great landlords for my final year at Lancaster. They have always been quick to respond to any emails and queries in a friendly way. If anything was wrong they would send somebody round within a couple of days. The houses always have plenty of space and are modern. One improvement I would suggest is that nearing the end of the year when you were showing people round, only one person would be emailed and they might not always be able to get in touch with the rest of the house. Overall I really liked living at 8 Dumbarton Road!"
Hannah Yates, 8 Dumbarton Road. 29/7/2017

2015/2016 Student Reviews

"As a student from further afield relocating to Lancaster and figuring out which companies to rent with could have been quite a daunting process and perhaps even problematic, particularly when you hear second and third years horror stories about landlords. Recommended to me by previous tenants I couldn’t praise Yellow Door Lets anymore! The quality of service is exceptional, meaning my housemates and I have stayed on Dale Street happily for two years. Any queries or problems that may arise are quickly and efficiently resolved within the day. The examples are vast, but one issue that arose was problems with springs coming through the mattresses, Yellow Doors appeared with brand new mattresses the following day, keen to make living here as comfortable as possible. Also, whenever staff are due to come into the property to inspect fire alarms or something similar, we are always given plenty of warning and know to expect them in the house. We all found this very considerate and respectful, and it avoided problems such as not being ready for a visit. Ultimately if you are looking to rent in Lancaster, you should definitely look into Yellow Door’s broad range of properties. Service is incredibly friendly and the staff are always happy to help, it has been a pleasure to spend two years here!"
Anna Taylor, 56 Dale Street. 13/12/2016
"When I first moved into one of Yellow Door Lets’ properties the tennant who had previously lived in the bedroom I was in had smoked in there and as a consequence it smelt considerably. I emailed them about this matter and they promptly rectified this problem by re-carpeting and re-painting walls. Throughout the year whenever we had problems with showers, windows, boilers etc. once emailed and notified, someone would be around within a few days. Overall my experience with Yellow Door Lets was good and if I hadn’t moved back onto campus I would have considered living with Yellow Door Lets again."
Masie Furneaux, 79 Dale Street. 13/12/2016
"I chose to live with Yellow Door Lets for both years I was off campus because of the high level of care and quick response time. The few times we had a minor issue, such as the shower breaking, Yellow Doors were at our house the next day to resolve it.  I would highly recommend Yellow Doors to any student for their excellent customer care."
Abbie Higham, 53 Golgotha Road. 13/12/2016
"First of all, we all fell in love with the house at the first viewing, it was all newly decorated and much nicer than any other house we had been looking at elsewhere. The person showing us round and our two landlords were so helpful when it came to signing the tenancy, they went out their way to take us all to the office as it was rush hour traffic and very busy. This was much appreciated. Our house has 8 bedrooms, all of brilliant sizes and all of us are very happy. So happy in fact that we stayed for a second year in the same house. We’re all going to be so sad to leave!!

If we have ever had any problems, someone has been round to solve this either that same day or the following which I have heard is rare for other student landlords in Lancaster. I couldn’t fault Wayne or Gordon in any way, shape or form or the rest of the yellow door team that I have come across. Thank you for making these last two years in Lancaster so enjoyable and stress free when it comes to housing."

Jennifer Hepple, 56 Dallas Road. 13/12/2016
"I lived in one of your properties last year after a friend recommended you as a letting company, and it was the smoothest year I’ve had in accommodation at university!

Our flat was really social, we loved having a big seating area in the kitchen for all hanging out together. The girls in the flat below were really friendly, and we never had any noise problems even though we lived quite near a pub. Whenever we needed help with fixing anything (which was rare), responses were really fast and the guys sent over did the job pretty much instantaneously. It was really reassuring to know that they could pop over so quickly to help us out! We never had any real problems with maintenance, but nothing was too small for you to sort out for us. We really appreciated that as it made the year a lot more manageable.Thanks for letting us be able to rely on you to help us have the best year possible living in our first real flat. :)"

Magdalene Cass, The Mission Flat 2. 13/12/2016
"I have lived with yellow door for two years and I can honestly say I would not have wanted to be with any other landlord. All of the team have looked after us in every way possible, coming to our beck and call sometimes within 10-15 minutes. I would say that when you let with yellow door you feel part of a family, getting to know everyone there and having a laugh and a joke with them. I 100% recommend!"
Elizabeth Noble, 66 Dallas Road. 13/12/2016
"Yellow Door Lets provided an excellent, reliable and friendly service as landlords. They always responded to any breakages quickly and without hesitance meaning that the accommodation was always kept at a high standard."
Charlotte Bendall, 9 Lindow Square. 9/12/2016
"No job was ever to small for Gordon and everyone at Yellow Door Lets, everything that ever needed doing was done within the day. I cannot fault my experience of Yellow Door Lets as landlords."
Alistair Blaza, 9 Lindow Square. 9/12/2016
"I have been with yellow doors now for 2 years and they have been amazing. They deal with issues efficiently and effectively. They are also very flexible to your needs and go out of their way to accommodate your needs."
Mollie Freeman, 36 Wingate-Saul Road. 9/12/2016
"No matter how many times it was needed, Yellow doors offered persistent assistance at short notice to any issues or problems we experienced during our residency."
Chris Brooks, 23 St. Oswald Street. 9/12/2016
"My experience with yellow doors has been great! They’re affordable and extremely reliable, always happy and quick to help if we ever had any queries or needed something fixed. I’d recommend them 100%"
Eleanor Taylor, 79 Sibsey Street. 9/12/2016
"Honestly I could not be happier with the service I’ve gotten from Yellow Door. Not only do I feel perfectly at home in the house I live in as is, I have had every single unavoidable problem fixed when it’s needed to be. Everyone that works for them has been friendly and really really helpful!"
Jamie Dagg, 8 Dumbarton. 9/12/2016
"I was a tenant with Yellow Door Lets in my 2nd Year at Lancaster University and they were a pleasure to rent with. They made the contract signing and move-in as simple as possible and were extremely flexible, as myself and co-tenants were moving in on a variety of days across the summer. Once our tenancy had begun they were eager to respond to any queries around appliances and were extremely efficient in coming round as soon as possible to fix our various issues. All in all I think Gordon and the team at Yellow Door Lets were a great company to let with and I would advise any other student in Lancaster to rent with them!"
Sam Osborn, 79 Dale Street. 9/12/2016
"Yellow Door Lets provided a good quality service when I lived in one of their houses. If there was a problem, such as a faulty oven or a window leak, they would send somebody round as soon as possible to fix the problem. The staff were very friendly and cooperative. I personally wanted more drawers for my bedroom and somebody arrived with them the following day. Although the rent was quite expensive, the service was good quality. I would recommend them to others."
Jodie Ellis, 58 Dallas Rd. 10/08/2016
"I feel that my overall experience as a tenant with Yellow Door Lets has been a positive one. After having a very negative experience in my second year at Lancaster University with a different company, I could not have been happier with my final year in a Yellow Door Lets house."
Lucy Hindley, 45 Golgotha Rd. 09/08/2016
"Throughout my two years as a tenant of Yellow Door Lets the company has consistently impressed me for their professionalism and ability as a landlord. They responded exceptionally quickly to any and all problems, providing replacements or repairs without any hassle or delay. Yellow Door Lets also continually invests money into its properties, renovating kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to ensure everything is up to date and enjoyable for their tenants. Ultimately, what really stands out about Yellow Door Lets is their evident desire to provide a great quality service for their tenants. This isn’t about exploiting students for as much money as possible (as countless landlords do) rather Yellow Door Lets take great care in doing the job properly and are rightly reaping the rewards for it. In short Yellow Door Lets are the best landlords in Lancaster, heck they may well be the best landlords in the country.

As I’m sure my testimonial shows I’ve throughly enjoyed the service you’ve provided – a big thanks to Wayne who was always available to provide solutions or answer questions."

Sam Wilson, 14 Dumbarton Rd. 09/08/2016
"Everyone in the house was really satisfied with the way we were looked after by Yellow Door Lets.

Whenever something was worn out or broken someone was almost immediately sent round to fix it. I would be more than happy to live in a Yellow Door property again and would recommend them to any students in the Lancaster area!"

Oliver Knight, 8 Dumbarton Rd. 09/08/2016
"I would just like to say thankyou for being such a great landlord/letting company this year, I have some friends who had real problems with their landlords this year but yellow doors have been great. Although I won’t be letting with you next year I will definitely be recommending you to all the freshers in my college netball club."
Jessica Lea, 36 Wingate Saul Rd. 08/08/2016
"Just wanted to say thank you for all of the great service provided by Yellow Doors throughout the two years that I lived at Flat 1 The Mission. Great place to live and great communication with the company, so any problems were sorted immediately. Throughout the two years this included fixing our heating pressure several times and replacing the oven when the thermostat broke (same day!). As well as smaller tasks such as radiator bleeding, adding additional locks (as requested) and changing light bulbs. Very professional, secure and would highly recommend to all students!"
Kerry Austin, Flat 1, The Mission. 04/08/2016
"My year of living with YDL was a far more pleasant one than that of my year with Lusu Living. Anything that needed fixing or replacing was replaced the same day or within the week, they were very responsive to emails and gave us thorough information about the running of the house and the procedures for handing it back over to them. The house had large living spaces and decent sized bedrooms, was in a great location and the rent was very reasonable. We all loved that the rent included the TV so we could all sit round and watch our favourite shows and films together. I would recommend renting with YDL to any student looking for an easy and comfortable experience of living off campus."
Rebecca Parkinson, 43 Golgotha Rd. 04/08/2016
"I lived in a yellow door house for 2 years and never had any reason to want to move. The service was quick and reliable, any issue I emailed about would be replied same or next day. After hearing horror stories from general letting agents, I only wish they did non-student housing too!"
Rebecca Giles, 1 Bowerham Rd. 04/08/2016
"Really good experience living with yellow door lets- everything was fixed as soon as possible and lovely friendly people! Would highly recommend."
Lily Dixon, 33 Regent Street. 04/08/2016
"Had a really great year with Yellow Door Lets. They sorted all minor wear and tear issues quickly and without fuss. They changed my bed from a single to a double when asked without any complaints. All the staff I encountered were extremely friendly and made sure jobs were done properly. Would definitely recommend to friends and future university students. Thank you for a hassle free year."
Thomas Grundy, 9 Hubert Place. 10/08/2016
"Yellow Doors were always great at responding quickly if there were any issues with the house. The maintenance team always did a great job and were very friendly."
Phoebe Clay, 66 Dallas Rd. 04/08/2016
"Firstly, the house was great for all nine of us living there, we had lots of space and bedroom sizes were good for student accommodation. The service was also very good with our problems being sorted very quickly. We were always notified when things needed to be done, i.e. checks from staff, visits for next year or when we needed to settle bills etc. We also believe that Yellow Door Lets were very fair with us when it came to giving back our deposits which in some cases may not have happened."
Ryan Waterman, 4 Westbourne Rd. 02/08/2016
"I am very sad to be leaving Yellow Door Lets. They have made my University experience comfortable and smooth. There is nothing worse than having bad landlords and housing problems during stressful study periods.

Yellow Door Lets are always quick to fix any issues that may arise in the house, friendly (they always knew it was me when if ever i called) and extremely accomodating.

Thanks to Gordon, Wayne and everyone at Doors for such an amazing service."

Michelle Lola Fashanu, 49 South Rd. 01/08/2016
"Great experience with yellow door lets, despite being a big company it still felt personal and friendly; would recommend 100%."
Elysia Ratcliffe, 62 Dale Street. 31/07/2016
"I lived in Yellow Doors houses for both my second and third year at university and never had any major problems with them. If there was any maintenance work doing, which was only a faulty washing machine or boiler, the problem was solved quickly and efficiently. Although Yellow Doors may be priced slightly higher than independent landlords in Lancaster, I feel this is a price worth paying to know that you are with a trustworthy and fair landlord."
James Melody, 79 Dale Street. 28/07/2016
"Thank you for two wonderful years living in Yellow Door accommodation. All of your service has been excellent, with extremely prompt and thorough responses to any issues that we brought to your attention."
Rowan Taylor, 8 Portland Street. 27/07/2016

2014/2015 Student Reviews

"I really enjoyed the tenancy with Yellow Door Lets, you were easy and straight forward with me as well as being easy to reach when their are problems. 10/10 would rent again."
Joshua Ingham, 23 Park Square. 08/09/2015
"I was impressed with the service throughout my tenancy, any problems reported were dealt with asap and there was always someone available to contact no matter what time. There was one point where I was locked out and within 5 minutes someone drove round to let me in."
Sophie Grant, 36 Wingate Saul Rd. 08/09/2015
"I lived at 56 Dale Street last academic year and one thing that sticks out in the memory was that whwnever we had a problem with the house, somebody was sent over to sort it out in less than an hour pretty much every time- I found that pretty impressive! It was also nice just to have a lounge area with a sofa, which you don’t get in the majority of university housing. Overall a positive experience, and worth the money."
Michael Pitan, 56 Dale Street. 09/09/2015
"These are my comments about the service I received in my 3rd year whilst renting a Yellow Door Let’s property.

I would say that my experience was extremely positive. Yellow door let’s put student needs first. Before we even moved in they removed furniture we didn’t want and either allowed us to bring in our own, or brought replacement furniture.

They were also always quick to respond to any enquiries and problems we had. I remember one occasion when our electricity had tripped out and someone from yellow door let’s came round within half an hour to sort it out.

Compared to other student letting companies, I feel that yellow door is certainly one of the best and I would recommend to others. They answer student needs quickly and are a honest, fair, helpful student letting company."

Elizabeth Atkinson, 31 Regent Street. 09/09/2015
"I have to say I was very pleased with the my stay in one of your properties last year. The house was nice, well looked after and we had 3 freezers. Any problems we reported were fixed promptly and we received our full deposit back."
Michael Holland, 31 Regent Street. 14/09/2015
"I really recommend Yellow Doors, based on a year as their tenant. They were friendly, considerate and nice to deal with if there were any problems, not that there were lots, just the odd thing. They did things they promised to do, like put in shelves in my bedroom, and the flat itself (The Mission) was really, really nice."
Ariane Hazeldine, The Mission. 16/09/2015
"Service was excellent. Whenever we had a slight problem it was never longer than a day that somebody would be round to fix it. It was not awkward to ring or contact if we needed to – we did not feel as though we were being ignored. Rent payments were excellent compared to other companies, even when two of our housemates left for the year there was not a pressure for a quick solution. Would highly recommend."
Hannah Clarke, 10 Hubert Place. 17/09/2015
"Overall the tenancy was extremely satisfactory. Whenever there was a problem in the house, it was always dealt with within a quick period of time, usually on the same day. Would recommend yellow doors to any student living in lancaster."
Matthew Morris, 79 Dale Street. 08/09/2015
"During my time under your tenancy at 18 Briery Street, I had a few issues, not serious, however these were resolved within 24 hours of the company being notified. I was amazed at just how quickly the issues were tackled, as if we were the only house the company rented. We were made to feel very at home and welcome and no issue was too small for any of the team to deal with. We were very happy with the service we received."
Chloe Walmsley, 18 Briery Street. 08/09/2015
"I enjoyed my stay at yellow doors. The service we got when any problems occurred was prompt and efficient. I’d highly recommend using yellow doors service again."
Kady Elliot, 26 Wyresdale Rd. 08/09/2015
"I would like to thank Yellow Doors for making my 2 years stay in Lancaster as comfortable as possible. When ever I have needed anything Yellow Doors have always been there to provide a brilliant service by fixing any problems immediately!"
Ashley Cash, 47 st oswald street. 08/09/2015
"I can honestly say that the team at Yellow Door Lets exceeded my expectations for providing student housing and support. I have heard plenty of horror stories from friends at universities around the country relating to their own invisible landlords and torrid up-keeping, but my group of friends and I experienced nothing of the sort. They were always accessible to contact and acted quickly upon faults or maintenance work – even the nonessential work (e.g. we accidentally broke the handle on one of our toilets, although it was still usable) was acted upon within 24 hours at most. Thanks to everyone at Yellow Doors and I hope you continue to offer your high standard of housing for the future!"
Tom Howell, 8 Dumbarton Rd. 08/09/2015
"I just wished to thank you all for being fabulous landlords during Lucy’s tenancy. The property was kept to a great standard and any problems that were reported fixed in a very quick space of time.

People are quick to complain about the smallest problems so I wanted to give praise where due.

Currently I have another student daughter in Liverpool, not only is the property not kept to the same standard as Golgotha Road there have been many problems with the Letting Agents which then brings it home as to how great Yellow Door have been.

We will all miss Lancaster!!"

Mrs Underwood, 43 Golgotha Road. 23/07/2015
"Thoroughly enjoyed living in your housing last year!!

All appliances/services worked very well for the duration of the year, minus a few unavoidable/unforeseeable issues that were rectified within 2 days of emailing. Further to this, any correspondence (particularly regarding the TV licence) was returned almost immediately. The garden for our house was kept in good condition throughout the summer as well, enabling its use. Couldn’t have been in safer hands for the year, and I don’t feel that Yellow Door Lets could have done anything more while we were staying there."

Jamie Bridges 16/07/2015
"I have lived in several yellowdoor properties including one on Parkfield Drive and another on Golgotha Rd. Both properties had televisions provided and great furnishing. Yellowdoors are quick to respond and are very friendly. It has been a pleasure all round. I would highly recommend yellowdoor accommodation."
Amie Sherratt, Parkfield Drive 17/07/2015
"I lived in a property rented from Yellow Doors for two years during my time at Lancaster University.

I only have good things to say about the company, any issue that we had throughout our tendency was immediately resolved quickly and effectively. I can think of no real improvements to mention.

I would not hesitate in renting another property of Yellow Doors in the future if I came back to the area."

Joel Graham, 5 Havelock Street 17/07/2015
"On behalf of James, my husband and I would like to thank you for providing a professional service and positive experience for him throughout the two years he lived there. As parents, it was important for us to know that he was living somewhere that provided all his basic needs, including security, without worrying about things going wrong and having to solve the issues ourselves. We understand that if he had any queries or any problems about faulty appliances, for example, your firm dealt with all issues promptly.

We will be happy to recommend the company to any future students."

Mrs Thompson, 43 Golgotha Road 20/07/2015

2013/2014 Student Reviews

"Since starting my tenancy with Yellow Door Lets i have nothing but nice things to say. When i first moved in, the house was just as amazing as when i first viewed it. The standard of cleanliness was outstanding. Any problems i had whether it be, maintenance/personal or financial the staff and service were efficient and supportive through out. Which i am ever so grateful for. Yellow Door Lets made the transition from halls of residence on university campus, to independently living a breeze.

Thank you for making my second year manageable and being the best student housing company in Lancaster and living up to what was expected. I will be sure to recommend your brilliant standards to any student wanting to live where they will be safe,happy and content knowing their needs are met with great affordable rent prices and a cushty living environment."

Clarissa Withers, 27 Dale Street 20/07/2014
"Since starting my tenancy with Yellow Door Lets i have nothing but nice things to say. When i first moved in, the house was just as amazing as when i first viewed it. The standard of cleanliness was outstanding. Any problems i had whether it be, maintenance/personal or financial the staff and service were efficient and supportive through out. Which i am ever so grateful for. Yellow Door Lets made the transition from halls of residence on university campus, to independently living a breeze.

Thank you for making my second year manageable and being the best student housing company in Lancaster and living up to what was expected. I will be sure to recommend your brilliant standards to any student wanting to live where they will be safe,happy and content knowing their needs are met with great affordable rent prices and a cushty living environment."

Clarissa Withers, 27 Dale Street 20/07/2014
"Since starting my tenancy with Yellow Door Lets i have nothing but nice things to say. When i first moved in, the house was just as amazing as when i first viewed it. The standard of cleanliness was outstanding. Any problems i had whether it be, maintenance/personal or financial the staff and service were efficient and supportive through out. Which i am ever so grateful for. Yellow Door Lets made the transition from halls of residence on university campus, to independently living a breeze.

Thank you for making my second year manageable and being the best student housing company in Lancaster and living up to what was expected. I will be sure to recommend your brilliant standards to any student wanting to live where they will be safe,happy and content knowing their needs are met with great affordable rent prices and a cushty living environment."

Clarissa Withers, 27 Dale Street 20/07/2014
"I would like to say I have had a positive experience with yellow doors. The staff always attended to our maintenance problems promptly and felt the deposit was returned to us quickly. Thank you!"
Rebecca Ireland 23/07/2014
"I was formally a tenant of 27 Dale Street for the past two years and would like to thank you for the service that you provided as landlords. I was particularly impressed with the quick service that was provided when we had breakdowns of kitchen appliances or when the door locks weren’t working. This ensured that we could resume normal life without to much disruption which was especially important since there were six of us living together."
Eleanor Dawson, 27 Dale Street 25/07/2014
"As a letting agency you did everything to improve our time at the property, including replacing my matress within days and putting a door on the shed for us to keep our bikes in! It never felt like we were being a nuisance when we asked for you to come and look at something in the property or repair it, everyone always seemed happy to help. After the fire in our kitchen at the start of our let you repaired everything within record time and there was no sign that anything had ever happened!

Thanks for everything, I had a great year in the property!"

Catt Mills 27/07/2014
"Over the last year I have been impressed with the service provided by Yellow Door Lets. Our house was well equipped for day to day living (including a colossal and therefore heavily utilised television) and the house was spacious and functional. As in all houses; things break over the course of the year, I was most impressed by the speed and efficiency with which Yellow Door Lets dealt with utility problems (of which there were few) and had someone repairing it within a day of the problem surfacing. Visiting friends in student houses rented from other student accommodation providers confirmed to me that we had made the right choice with Yellow Door Lets in terms of value for money. Being able to move my room contents into the house from my halls in the summer was very convenient. Good value service and responsiveness led for an enjoyable year off campus. – Theo Leach"
Theo Leach, 1 Bowerham Road 06/08/2014
"Just wanted to express my satisfaction with the efficiency of services at YDL, whenever we had a problem they dealt with it very swiftly and efficiently. Even more impressive was the willingness to provide new beds/furniture when problems with them were reported – not sure this would be the case for many other student houses! Overall, very impressed."
Michael Martin 25/07/2014
"I really enjoyed living with yellow door lets. At the beginning of the year when I first moved in over the summer I spotted some marks in my room that I thought I’d just point out so that they wouldn’t come out of my deposit. I then moved home for a few weeks to spend time with my family over the summer. So when I moved back into my yellow door house I was beyond surprised to find out that they’d painted my bedroom walls, given me a chair and more. The house was spotless when we moved back in in September and all the little details we mentioned were fixed. Throughout the year yellow doors saw to anything that went wrong quickly and efficiently. They also kept us well informed when people were coming to the house to do maintenance or to view the house for the following year. I loved yellow doors from start to finish. Way better than cityblock! At yellow door’s it felt like they cared how we felt and were much friendlier than corporations out to make as much money as possible out of students."
Laura J 23/07/2014
"I don’t have any complaints for the last 12 months. You were flexible and understanding with payment dates, particularly when loans were late etc.

There was always a prompt response to any emails I sent and repairs were carried out quickly. You were very flexible in terms of furnishings, providing us with an extra fridge and even swapping the mattress for me when I found it too soft. The allowances for electricity and gas were ample as we never had any issues with going over them. All in all, I couldn’t have been happier with yellow door lets as landlords and would thoroughly recommend that other students use your company."

Anthony Stephenson 23/07/2014
"Being a student, I was expecting a fairly baseline service. However I found that most of time if there was anything wrong, Yellow Door would usually deal with it. I was very surprised at one point when the owner came round after one of my housemates had a constant complaint about her window. There was a good amount of maintenance carried out when requested, and the router was changed when problems with internet connection were raised. None of this met an extra charge which was good!

Overall it was a good experience for me, and as long as people have realistic expectations of Student Housing then Yellow Door is a company that will meet and surpass expectations."

Andrew King, 3 Havelock Street 23/07/2014
"I recommend Yellow Doors to anyone, largely down to their responsiveness to any issues. It is very reassuring to know that if anything does break it will either be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. They replied to all emails very quickly with a solution to any of our problems."
Andrew Crickmore 23/07/2014
"Yellow door lets have been brilliant and I would highly recommend their letting service. Very easy to get in contact with them if there’s a problem (Eg- locks not working, electrical problems) and arranging a tenancy was simple. The house was decorated to a very high standard and we were lucky enough to get brand new furniture as well. A fantastic year overall from a fantastic letting agency!"
Natalie Farran 20/07/2014
"I’ve had a great time in a Yellowdoors house, the service provided by the staff is excellent and any issues with the property were dealt with quickly and effectively which really made us feel valued. All the staff were friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend a Yellowdoors house."
Jonathan Lewis, 76 Windermere Road 25/07/2014
"I stayed in 22 Railway Street for two years, and found Yellow Door Lets to be one of the friendliest letting companies I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Any issues with the house were always resolved within 24 hours, with a friendly team of workers always on hand to manage the situation, and the house was generously furnished.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to future students. I almost want to turn back the clock, so I can rent a house with Yellow Doors again!"

Kit Harrison, 22 Railway Street 23/07/2014
"I have lived at 12 Aberdeen Road for the past two years. I really enjoyed living with yellow door lets. They have always been really helpful with any problems that occurred in the house and are also quick to fix any problems. The staff are always friendly and helpful especially Gordon and Wayne. I would recommend yellow doors to all students in Lancaster as I believe they have a great service and are always very friendly and accommodating."
Lisa Robinson, 12 Aberdeen Road 26/08/2014
"It’s been great living in your house this past year, particularly when any problems have arisen e.g. no hot water – they have been sorted very promptly with minimum hassle. Also our new furniture was fabulous and the house was good value for money. Would definitely recommend you to others looking for a house off campus in or around Lancaster."
Sophie Wagstaff, 1 Bowerham Road 19/07/2014
"Over the course of this year your service has been friendly, helpful and always efficient. Whenever we’ve needed you to bail us out, whether because of a broken washing machine or because we needed a new hoover, you’ve been there in a flash. It’s not easy being landlords for students but i’m pretty sure you do a better job than any."
Alex Chau 23/07/2014

I enjoyed not having to worry about bills or tv licence as the rent is bills included. I was also impressed when my clothes dryer broke it was replaced the very same day. When my flatmate locked himself out yellow door lets were extremely helpful and turned up with a spare key even though it was late one evening! Thanks very much to Gordon and Wayne for making it a hassle free year."

Zoe Andrew 12/08/2014

2011/2012/2013 Student Reviews

"I lived at 58 Dallas Road and was pleasantly surprised at how good the service from Yellow Doors was. We requested a few things to be done to the house after moving in and it was done within a week. Any issues such as heating or internet were solved within a matter of hours and even when I managed to lock myself out of my bedroom, there was someone round to let me in within 20 minutes. I would recommend Yellow Doors to my friends; one of my friends is living in 58 Dallas Road next year based on my experience living there.

Fantastic house, friendly staff and amazing memories."

Lara Miller, 58 Dallas Road 20/07/2012
"I’ve always found the service at YDL to be very friendly and prompt. We did have a couple of minor problems which were checked very quickly after we reported them so we were very pleased about that. We always felt that you knew Lancaster and the rental market inside out and you gave us confidene in you which is why we chose YDL. The internet connection was a good additon to the package."
Emeline Crossely, 27 Dale Street 28/07/2012
"Thank you for being a good landlord to us and if we ever had any problems such as the internet or boiler not working, someone was always there the very same day or the same week to fix or help us out! Much appreciated so again, Thank you very much!"
Chloe Bierman, 27 Dale Street 19/07/2012
"The house is great! all problems with light bulbs and mattresses were solved extremely quickly! very pleased to be staying with yellowdoors! thankyou!"
Chloe Brown 03/10/2012
"I was a tenant of Yellow Door Lets in my second year of uni and I have to say using them was one of the best choices I made throughout my entire 3 years at Lancaster. Not only was the rent extremely good, but the service they provided with regards to any repairs or queries was exceptional. All staff members are wonderfully friendly and made me feel welcome. I highly reccommend them to anyone! Wish I was still with them!"
Abbie Jordan 05/10/2012
"I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your company after spending my third and final year in one of your houses, my only regret was that I did not spend my second year with you as I went to Student Housing and found that compared to their company yours was professional and courteous and solved problems quickly when required. I also found that you handled and dealt with any problems very efficiently compared to Student Housing also. I would thoroughly recommend you to any student wanting to go to Lancaster due to your service."
David Brooks 05/10/2012
"The staff at Yellow Door Lets have always been friendly and helpful and our queries have been responded to promptly. The house had been professionally cleaned when we moved in, we have a new TV and washing machine, my bedroom has been painted and has a new carpet. It is much better than previous student accommodation I have lived in. Thanks very much."
Beverley Wood 03/10/2012
"Yellow Door Lets have constantly met our expectations and are always a phone call away should you need anything. I was surprised as to how on top of everything they are and how punctual they are with regards to jobs within your household. The staff are equally friendly and always willing to help which is the most important thing."
David Champion, 43 Golgotha Road 02/10/2012
"This will be my second year living in a yellow doors property and I have to say, for what we actually get as part of our rent, it is very good value. And whenever we’ve had problems you have always come to resolve them speedily and efficiently! Thankyou yellow doors :)"
Alyssa Walker 02/10/2012
"I think Yellow Door Lets have been really good, any problems we have had in our house they have come to fix, all the staff, cleaners, painters and the maintenance have all been really friendly and helpful. I would recommend them."
Becky Hall 11/10/2012
"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent hospitality this year. Any problems faced were not only minor, but were also dealt with quickly and to a high standard. I will definitely recommend Yellow Door Lets to students at Lancaster University. Thanks again!"
Joe Callagher 21/06/2013
"Just to let you know that I was a tenant at 76 Windermere Road. I enjoyed my stay there and will recommend yellow door lets to other students. Thank you for your prompt return of my deposit and the attention when we needed a repair."
Laura Shipley, 76 Windermere Road 30/07/2012
"I loved yellow doors lets, always there when you need someone to fix something. The house was kept well and respected. It was our home and would inform us before coming to our house."
Ashlea Spence 03/10/2012