Yellow Door Lets® are proud to announce we are now part of the Lancaster University Homes accredited scheme.


Yellow Door Lets® was founded by Carole Scott , a Lancaster University graduate and Colin Elderton in 1983 . The company now has around 500 rooms in Lancaster for students to choose from and more are being added each year.

We believe the best university experience is achieved by having the independence of sharing with friends in your own student house NOT just living in an overpriced corporate student block and having a bigger loan to pay back!

  • ALL our properties are APPROVED and INSPECTED regularly by Lancaster University and Lancaster City Council.
  • We ONLY charge full rent for 42 weeks not 52 . You only pay half rent in the summer and you can still live in your house if you want to!
  • All the utilities and high speed Internet are INCLUDED in your rent.There is NO ‘allowance’ that you could go over !
  • We DO NOT charge any fees for drawing up the tenancy and never have … save upto £300 … !
  • (Based on typical letting agent fee charge for a tenancy agreement)

  • The deposit is ONLY £50 each . Plus we VERY rarely deduct anything for damages something that cannot be said about a lot of student landlords! … % of our tenants got ALL their deposit back last year*
  • NO GUARANTOR is required …this means that signing for your house is far more straight forward and your parents don’t need to get involved with lots of paperwork.

*Audited by Waters and Atkinson, The Old Court House, Clark Street, Morecambe


For an information pack or to book a viewing call or text our lettings manager Gordon on 07774920816 anytime.

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